Previous production space in Alabama. New facility photos coming soon!


Located near his home in Bloomington, IN, this studio was designed by Lou Clark of Sonic-Space. This new facility was designed with careful attention paid to eliminate as many acoustic limitations as possible, with excellent imaging and overall response. Built as an edit/mix/mastering space, the monitoring is on par with any of the best critical listening rooms anywhere in the country.



The studio features both AVID Protools and MAGIX Sequoia systems, RME and MOTU interfaces, Benchmark Media Systems A/D and D/A converters, Bricasti reverb as well as a host of other plugins, and a Dynaudio Air 20 stereo monitoring system. Whether it be making critical judgments about the reverb and equalization for a chamber music project, or trying to get the gating and compression right for a punchy drum sound, rest assured that what is heard is coming from the mix and not the room.

If you have need for editing, mixing, or mastering services, please feel free to contact Jamie about your project and his process here.