“Jamie Tagg is a consummate professional by any measure. His work with NOTUS, Indiana University’s Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, was exemplary and we are delighted to have him as one of our newest faculty colleagues. Jamie is the real deal: His attention to detail, technical expertise, and fine musical ear make him an ideal producer and engineer for any project. He gets my highest recommendation!”

         - Dominick DiOrio, composer/conductor

"Hands down, some of the absolute best recordings of my voice - both as a soloist, and in an ensemble alongside the other members of Seraphic Fire - have been captured at the hands of Jamie Tagg. His inherent intonation and uncanny spatial reasoning both serve as efficient tools in translating sound and space into digital means, all the while maintaining the absolute aural integrity of each musician's individual sound."

         - Reginald Mobley, countertenor

"Each time Les Ordinaires get together and edit, we are amazed by the fantastic quality and detail of your dream team work! Thank you both so much."
(referring to Jamie Tagg, and Jessica Davis Tagg producer)

         - Leela Breithaupt, flutist, Les Ordinaires

"Jamie did a beautiful job of restoring, fixing and even enhancing my old, reel-to- reel harpsichord tapes, combining a great musical sensitivity with amazing technical skill. He always considered my perspective to achieve the desired final sound."

         - Judith Larsen, historian/harpsichordist


“Jamie and Jessica Tagg were thoughtful, proactive, and artistic every step of the way with our choral recording project. Their sensitivity to the technical and aural needs of the project were magical. It was my pleasure to work with them to bring our recording to fruition.” 

        - Alec Harris, president, GIA Publications


When deciding to record, is your goal to capture the energy and excitement of a live performance? Perhaps you want to focus on a more refined presentation through focused recording sessions? In either case, there is a wide range of factors to consider, and as with many things in life preparation makes all the difference in the final product. This saves time, money, emotional energy, and sometimes even the viability of the project, especially when large groups of musicians and your hard-earned dollars are on the line.


Production/sonic goals, having options and flexibility in mixing, historical accuracy vs. innovation, budget, logistics, and of course location, location, location, are all aspects which need to be factored into a project. Having worked for over 15 years doing countless recordings on location and in studios, and being in and out of a wide variety of venues all across North America--including those intended for performing/recording and those that are not--I can help by asking the right questions that prevent pitfalls, save money, make the session run smoothly, and bring our project to completion on time and within budget.

Maybe you need dozens of microphones and hours of high-resolution takes to achieve your dreams of a GRAMMY® winning album? Perhaps you are planning a live event with streams for broadcast, feeds for video and sound reinforcement. Just need a single mic to capture one song for an audition or demo? To that end or anywhere in-between, we can work together to meet your needs and budget. Feel free to get in touch, and we can discuss creative options for your project or event! You can also get a bit more info here.